Jessica Mulroney | I Do, Redo

CTV aired the first official trailer for Jessica Mulroney’s new, unscripted wedding series, I Do, Redo, during the 2020 Oscar’s broadcast. Its Canadian premiere date is set for Sunday, March 22 at 7 PM (ET/PT) with a worldwide release via Netflix later this year.

Starring and executive produced by Jessica, I Do, Redo shares the extraordinary stories of ten couples as they revisit their first-time wedding disasters and “re-make” the wedding of their dreams with Jessica’s help. This show is a first-of-its-kind lifestyle series for CTV.

I Do, Redo isn’t just about weddings, it’s about love and pain, tragedy and joy, and the belief that every couple deserves a wedding that brings them happiness,” said Jessica in a CTV press release. “I feel so blessed to have met these very special couples who’ve allowed me to share their stories and give them the wedding of their dreams.”

In a Q&A with CTV’s The Lede, Jessica breaks down what viewers can expect from season one of I Do, Redo.

Q: Hosting a TV show sure makes for long working days, doesn’t it?

Jessica Mulroney: “I’ve been doing television for a long time, but I’ve been doing mostly short segments. There is a lot of pressure when you have to be in a lot of scenes. Set life is certainly a very different life, especially with three children at home and other work that I have to do. I am learning a lot about making television that I didn’t know! But this show means so much to me, and I believe in the concept so much, it’s all worth it. Everybody, including the crew, they’re always smiling, feeding positivity!”

Q: Not coincidentally, positivity is one of the main themes of I Do, Redo, in terms of taking bad memories and replacing them with good ones, right?

Jessica Mulroney: “Listen, there are a lot of wedding shows out there, and they’re so entertaining, and so fun, but they tend to focus on things that I don’t really focus on, like the bridezilla-ness, and the dresses, and the craziness, and the cattiness. This show is about people who have gone through difficult times right before their wedding, or the day of their wedding, and it kind of didn’t go as planned. That is a really special opportunity. So we’re doing it for couples that have had a tough go, right before what was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives, or one of them. We’re seeing a lot of raw emotion, which is great.”

Q: This actually is a show where, the more tears we see, we know it’s going well, because that means it’s reaching people.

Jessica Mulroney: “You know, a wedding is a huge financial weight and it’s a huge emotional weight. When it doesn’t go as planned, it can be a very difficult thing for the couple to get over. They sometimes don’t let go of it, and there’s so much regret. So to be able to help these couples deal with that emotional baggage that they’re carrying, and release it, is really meaningful to me.”

Q: Tell the truth: How often will we see YOU crying on I Do, Redo?

Jessica Mulroney: “Well, I don’t have a great ‘cry face’ so it’s going to be very embarrassing for me … but I can tell you that I’ve been crying a heck of a lot!”

Jessica’s trailer release during the Oscars’ broadcast brought more than 108,000 views to her Instagram profile, growing her collective social media following to almost 400K.

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