David Rocco Bar Aperitivo

The host and producer of his own hit television series, and author of four bestselling cookbooks, celebrity chef David Rocco adds restaurateur to his brand platform.

Now open in Toronto’s coveted Yorkville neighbourhood, “David Rocco Bar Aperitivo” is an authentic Italian wine bar that offers tapas made fresh daily, along with a suite of Italian wines, including David’s own vintage.

With an online following of 393K+, David is available for brand partnerships, including spokesperson roles, cooking demos, media appearances, digital content, and more. His partners have included high-profile brands such as Barilla, Campari, and Scotiabank.

David also provides brands with the exclusive opportunity to host intimate custom events or media events at his Aperitivo wine bar, featuring both a beautiful décor and delicious menu inspired by his travels.

David is best known as the host of the hit television programs David Rocco’s Dolce VitaDolce IndiaDolce Africa, and Dolce Southeast Asia. In each series, he immerses himself in the local culture to breakdown cultural barriers and unite people through the love of sharing great food, all with the goal of bringing the Italian lifestyle to his Canadian and international audiences.

The Italian lifestyle — the dolce vita or sweet life — was the ultimate inspiration behind Bar Aperitivo. During the pandemic, David missed his days spent in Italy where it’s custom to grab a quick bite and a half glass of wine on the go. He wanted to bring this relaxed atmosphere to the busy streets of Toronto.

In an interview with xTalks, David said: “Our concept isn’t about dining. It’s an experience of having your Venetian spreads with your cicchetti or your Aperol or Negroni. And it’s really that moment in the day to just be inspired.”

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