David Rocco cooking pasta

David Rocco with his line of pastas and sauces

October 17th is National Pasta Day, and who better to celebrate with than Celebrity Chef David Rocco!
It’s been a whirlwind of a year for David, and we wanted to celebrate some of his amazing achievements in what we’re calling the Dolce Anno of David Rocco!


A still from David Rocco's Dolce HomeMade

A New TV Show, Dolce HomeMade

David’s newest show, Dolce HomeMade, began airing in September. The idea behind the show emerged while the world was in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. David and his family started creating short videos in their home kitchen for social media, which viewers loved. From there, the idea quickly evolved into a full length show.


A still from David Rocco's new show, Dolce HomeMadeDolce HomeMade invites chefs of all different specialties into David’s home to share their love of food. In an interview on the TLN TV YouTube channel, David describes the show as a “real slice of his home life”. He jokes that his kids would come home from school, run into the shot, and tell him not to add too many hot peppers to the dish he was making. You can catch new episodes of the show on TLN at 8pm EST.

David Rocco and his Wife at TIFF
Pop Up at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

For the second year in a row, David was a big draw at the Toronto International Film Festival. Mid September, he partnered with Peroni Nastro Azzuro to curate an exclusive menu (including focaccia with various toppings, traditional taralli and other favourites) for a pop up in David Pecault Square. Along with walking the red carpet with his wife, David also welcomed guests, made a few speeches, and hung around to enjoy the afterparty.

Italian-made Sauce and Pasta Line

David also recently launched his very own collection of authentic, Italian-made pasta and pasta sauces late last year, and recently expanded to offer his products on Amazon. On his personal website, David explains the thinking behind the line: “Inspired by ‘restaurant meal kits’ that increased in popularity over the pandemic, my family encouraged me to find a way to create that unmistakable Italian taste and experience it in our very own kitchens with the ease and quality of a restaurant meal, but at a fraction of the cost. So the goal of producing this line was to create the same experience as when you travel to Italy and have your first meal at a trattoria and you ask, ‘wow, why can’t we have this back home?’ Well, now you can with my authentic Italian-made pasta and sauces.”

David Rocco's Bar Aperitivo

Bar Aperitivo’s Continued Success

Of course, we can’t forget David Rocco’s wildly successful Bar Aperitivo, the restaurant he opened in 2021 in Yorkville, Toronto. The popular spot has been going strong, even landing a spot on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants. You can often find David having a drink on the patio, or popping up on Bar Aperitivo’s Instagram.

This year, David has been featured in The Globe and Mail, CHCH, The Toronto Star, and Global News.

We’ve put together a few of David’s memorable moments in the reel below:


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