Andrea Bain

The Spotlight Agency is excited to announce that we now exclusively represent Television Personality Andrea Bain for her brand partnerships, spokesperson roles, appearances, digital campaigns, and more. Andrea has a plethora of media experience and has recently been announced as the newest co-host of CTV’s The Social!

Andrea began her career as an anchor and reporter in the newsrooms of Global and CTV news. Andrea’s on-camera charm and insightful interviews — with heavy hitters like Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, and Martin Scorsese — led her to two Canadian Screen Award nominations.


Television and Media Personality

In addition to her time in front of the news camera, Andrea has co- hosted several popular television shows, including The Goods (CBC), Live Here Buy This (HGTV), Revamped (Slice), and Three Takes (Slice). In 2023, Andrea was chosen as the newest addition to the cast of CTV’s award-winning talk show The Social.
Andrea Bain

Andrea recently sat down with Bell to discuss her exciting new role. When asked about her strategy heading in to hosting The Social, Andrea had this to say:

“What I’ve always considered when I was on the show previously was to really think about the topic, and to be authentically myself. I want to be thoughtful, researched, and authentic, because the audience knows. If you’re coming into this job thinking, ‘I’m going to be this person,’ it’s not authentic, and people are going to read that. My whole life experience means that I’m going to have a different perspective on the topics that we’ll be chewing the fat about. So I want to always be authentic. I’m not trying to be anything. I’m just going to be me, and speak from my experience. Hopefully, the audience likes that.”

Andrea has also written a book, Single Girl Problems, and hosted her own popular radio show/podcast of the same name. The podcast had weekly episodes that featured high-profile guests, including celebrities like Keri Hilson, Andrew Phung, and Michele Romanow.


Partner with Andrea

Andrea has a growing online community of over 20K followers across Instagram (@itsmissbain2u) and Twitter (@AndreaMBain). Andrea loves fashion, food, and championing amazing causes, including running the Sporting Life 5K. She also stands with the Free Them non-profit organization (@free_them_) to raise awareness of human trafficking. She’s a natural fit for brands in the health, wellness, dating, fashion, and beauty sectors.

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