Dr. Roberta Bondar, Neil Pasricha, and Michele Romanow

As with our celebrity talent, brands turn to our subject-matter experts to help them enhance their credibility and reach.

Thought-leaders in their fields, our experts collaborate with brands on campaigns that range from spokesperson roles to digital videos and social media content.

Meet some of our subject-matter experts below — top names in finance, business, tech, wellness, and STEM — read case studies on how they’ve collaborated on successful brand campaigns, and contact us to learn how they can help boost your brand and marketing strategy.

Financial Experts

Our knowledgeable finance experts are renowned for their ability to make what can be a complex topic accessible for all. Media savvy, as well as active on digital channels, they offer brands the opportunity to tap into new audiences and offer insightful content to their existing client base.

Preet Banerjee is a financial panelist on CBC’s The National, a weekly contributor to Global’s The Morning Show, and a video columnist for The Globe and Mail. He uses his considerable platform to inspire others to become financially empowered.

The resident money expert on CTV’s The Social, Melissa Leong is a “go-to” financial expert for several popular networks and programs, including BNN, CBC Radio, Breakfast Television, and Global News. Through her social media channels, Leong reaches millions of Canadians, and is applauded for her friendly, feel-good approach.

The former host of Million Dollar Neighbourhood on OWN, Bruce Sellery is a journalist, bestselling author, and the resident personal finance expert on Cityline. He also makes frequent appearances on Breakfast Television, CNN, MSNBC, and radio programs throughout North America, and hosts a popular podcast that tackles topics such as investing, retirement, student loans, credit, and more.

Case Study

A top American Fortune 500 annuities and life insurance organization wanted to create high-level content geared towards their roster of financial advisors. Their goal was to help their financial advisors grow and scale their businesses, better understand and retain their current client base, and attract new clients.

We were able to connect the organization with a diverse range of subject-matter experts — all well-known and respected in their fields — who could produce a wide variety of both in-depth and niche content for them, including digital and print media, videos, podcasts, blogs, articles, webinars, and more.

With backgrounds in behavioural finance, sales, cultural anthropology, academia, and marketing, our experts also provided in-person appearances as keynote speakers and workshop facilitators to ensure a full 360 learning experience for the financial advisors.

Based on the success of our first collaboration, we continue to work with this client on annual content-creation campaigns, so they can continue offering new, expert advice to their readership.

Business and Tech Experts

Our top business and tech leaders bring years of real-world experience to everything they do, and are recognized for their expertise within the business and entrepreneurial communities.

Since co-founding the wildly successful dating site Lavalife, and starring on CBC’s Dragons’ Den for three seasons, Bruce Croxon has become a go-to voice on business, innovation, disruption, and entrepreneurship. He currently hosts The Disruptors on BNN and CTV.

For ten seasons, Arlene Dickinson has starred on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. She is also one of Canada’s most renowned independent marketing communication entrepreneurs, who sits at the centre of Canada’s first network designed to help Canadian companies become globally respected brands through capital, mentorship, and marketing.

At just 21 years old, Swish Goswami is a serial entrepreneur, a LinkedIn Youth Editor, a past Fortune 500 consultant for Google and American Express, a venture capitalist, and a UN Youth Ambassador. Known as a disruptor, curator, and builder, Swish is an influential voice who serves as an inspiration for his large online community.

With hundreds of thousands of fans across the world, Amber Mac is an internationally acclaimed innovation and technology expert. Every day, people check out her website, social media channels, and radio show to hear the latest and greatest in the world of tech. She offers insights and advice that are second to none.

Michele Romanow is a tech titan, who started five companies before her 33rd birthday. Her business savvy, drive, and tenacity led her to become the youngest entrepreneur ever to star on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. Michele is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, and particularly, women in business.

Health and Wellness Experts

In our fast-paced world, people turn to our experts to help them cultivate the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century. Prolific writers and media personalities, our health and wellness experts offer brands access to the latest research and insightful commentary in their fields.

An award-winning psychiatrist and parenting expert Dr. Shimi Kang is continuously called upon by the media to discuss the neuroscience of health, happiness, and motivation. She is often featured in The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, TIME magazine, as well as on NPR, CBC, CTV, and Al Jazeera.

Neil Pasricha is a Harvard-educated, New York Times bestselling author and happiness expert who writes on topics such as failure, resiliency, happiness, the workplace, and leadership. He has sold millions of books worldwide; hosts a top 100 iTunes podcast; and publishes weekly posts on his website, often syndicated by top media, including Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Guardian, and more.

Case Study

Recently, one of North America’s largest HR companies contacted us looking to connect with a respected individual who understands workplace challenges that could create quality content for their blog and digital channels.

Happiness expert and bestselling author of seven books, including his most recent You Are Awesome, Neil Pasricha had both the platform and the expertise our client required.

Neil delivered content — including podcasts, articles, and original videos — for use on their blog, e-newsletter, and digital channels that not only resonated with their existing audience, but grew their readership as well.

STEM Experts

In the era where science is often under attack by pseudo-science, our STEM experts lend credibility and authority to brands looking to stand out amongst the noise.

Canadian Astronaut Dr. Roberta Bondar is globally recognized for her pioneering contributions to space medicine research and environmentalism. She expanded the horizons of millions when she became the first Canadian woman to fly in space, conducting experiments for 18 countries in the International Microgravity Laboratory, a precursor to the International Space Station. Today, people turn to Dr. Bondar for her insights into change, social responsibility, and our environment.

A veteran NASA astronaut, Nicole Stott was featured in National Geographic’s One Strange Rock, a documentary series hosted by Will Smith and directed by Darren Aronofsky. She lived and worked for 104 days in space and, as a NASA Aquanaut, lived and worked on an 18-day mission aboard the Aquarius undersea habitat.

We also work closely with our sister agency Speakers’ Spotlight, a top speakers bureau that represents 400+ leading thinkers and experts in their fields.

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