Melissa Leong

Finances are always top of mind for New Year’s resolutioners. As a go-to money expert recently featured on The Drew Barrymore Show, brands and media alike seek out Melissa Leong to talk “money wellness”.

Melissa is the bestselling author of the award-winning, feel-good guide Happy Go Money. It combines psychology with personal finance to offer practical, easy-to-understand advice on spending smartly, saving right, and enjoying life. She is also the resident money expert on CTV’s The Social.

Melissa Leong and Drew Barrymore

New Year, New Finance Resolutions

To kick-off the new year, Melissa joined Global News to share her expert advice on resetting financial habits. This included her own resolution of applying Dry January to her budget. She recommends setting a spending freeze on non-essential items.

“A spending freeze is kind of like a cleanse,” Melissa told Global News. “You’re resetting your habits so that you can figure out what you truly value and maybe start some new habits going forward.”

Melissa’s well-known for her fresh take on money wellness. She made her second appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show in 2021 during beauty week to help viewers “makeover” their finances. She seamlessly integrated the segment’s sponsor, while tackling audience-driven topics like building credit, paying down debt, and saving for retirement.

Make Finance Relatable with Melissa

Through her platform, Melissa reaches millions of Canadians who are drawn to her sense of humour and relatability as a mom. She is available for media segments, digital campaigns, spokesperson roles, appearances, and more.

For more information on how Melissa Leong can bring value to your clients and to brands, contact us at [email protected].